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Queen's Award for Voluntary Service awarded to Blue Apple Theatre in 2012


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The logo used for the Blue Apple Theatre production of Hamlet

"An Extraordinary Triumph..." The Stage, May 2012

A bold new adaptation of Shakespeare's original text by William Jessop

Director: Peter Clerke, Choreography: Jo Harris

The greatest play in the world - as you've never seen it before...

Hamlet's Father is dead. His Mother has married his Uncle. His girlfriend's Dad says they can't be together. And then the ghost turns up... Blue Apple Theatre re-invent the world's greatest play in a fresh, fearless and funny adaptation using Shakespeare's original language. Think you know Hamlet? Think again!

Tommy Jessop, Anna Brisbane, James Elsworthy, Katy Francis, Lawrie Morris and Ros Davies toured their unique re-imagining of Hamlet to mainstream theatres and arts venues across the South and returned to Winchester for the full company production of Hamlet performed at Winchester's Theatre Royal .

Blue Apple Theatre presented its extraordinary new vision of Hamlet to mark the World Shakespeare Festival and the talents of our award-winning touring company.


See what Meridian Tonight had to say about this production.

"One of the most stirring performances I've seen, superb."

"Moving and inspiring, wonderful."

"A memorable performance. An excellent Hamlet - what presence!"

"Really moving. Fantastic storytelling. Loved Ophelia’s movement – beautiful and moving."

"And the script! We couldn't stop talking about it. Simply perfect."

"A true romance as well as a tragedy, and made us really CARE about Hamlet as a character in a way I'd almost given up on."

Tommy's "To be or not to be?"


Francesca Morrison - The Stage 15 May 2012

"an extraordinary triumph. A play within a play, a drama in which brave individuals dare to cross boundaries and open doors previously closed to them? "

Stuart Mills- Journal of the Down's syndrome Association Autumn/Winter 2012)

Tommy Jessop and the excellent cast of the Blue Apple Theatre Company held me spellbound throughout their performance of Hamlet at Normansfield Theatre. I was enraptured from the opening scene, very rapidly drawn into the story and able to forge a connection with the characters. I was particularly impressed with the cast’s interpretation and delivery of their lines in the original language of Shakespeare.

It became clear that the cast had a real and profound connection with the work and that they deeply felt the emotions they were portraying.

Tommy Jessop’s delivery of the scene in which Hamlet encounters his uncle Claudius at prayer and debates whether or not to kill him was superb. You could hear a pin drop!

Katie Francis’ portrayal of Ophelia as she descends into madness was truly heart wrenching.

I heard one of my fellow audience members say ‘I didn’t understand Hamlet but now I do’. I believe that Dr John Langdon Down would have approved.

Audience members said

"one of the most stirring performances I've seen, superb"

"Your Hamlet was truly extraordinary. The simplicity of the pared-down script gave familiar lines such life, made it a true romance as well as a tragedy, and made us really CARE about Hamlet as a character in a way I'd almost given up on. When he appealed to the audience 'Am I a coward?', it never felt more like a genuine question. The play-within-a-play and the exchange between the player and Hamlet: 'Will you play me? were simply perfect.absolutely brilliant."

"The actors have so much talent and given a platform to express this, they created something magical."

"I was privileged to be at the Rose Theatre in Kingston last night for Blue Apple's extraordinary performance of 'Hamlet'. It was a truly wonderful and intensely moving experience - a better Hamlet than many I have paid a lot more money to see in the past, and the "What a piece of work..." speech took on a whole new dimension and moved me to tears. Ophelia's dance in her death scene was also beautiful and moving, and the tone of the whole play was uplifting and inspiring."

A photo of Hamlet from the Blue Apple Theatre production of Hamlet
A photo of Claudius from the Blue Apple Theatre production of Hamlet
A photo showing Laertes from the Blue Apple Theatre production of Hamlet
A photo showing Hamlet in the foreground with the other principals behind from the Blue Apple Theatre production of Hamlet
A photo showing Hamlet kneeling in front of the ghost from the Blue Apple Theatre production of Hamlet
A photo showing the six principals of the Blue Apple Theatre production of Hamlet at the outdoor Minack Theatre while on tour

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Tour Venues

West End Arts Centre, Aldershot.

Unicorn Theatre, Abingdon.

The Berry Theatre, Hedge End.

Minack Theatre, Cornwall.

Tacchi Morris Theatre, Taunton.

The Regal Theatre, Minehead.

The Lights, Andover.

Forest Arts, New Milton.

Normansfield, Teddington.

Yvonne Arnaud Mill Studio, Guildford.

Theatre Royal Winchester.

Rose Theatre, Kingston.

Hamlet was supported by the National Lottery through the Art Council’s Grants for the arts scheme

Logo of the Renton Foundation who sponsored this production

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